Monday, May 13, 2013

The call of Bristol

photo by Ami Schneider
It's been far too long since I have written about my dear friend Tamora Skumm.

   As the 2012 season came to an end, I could not seem to bring myself to come here and blog about it, because that would be acknowledging and dealing with the fact that Bristol truly was over. After that final weekend and the final closing gate, where we all sang "Health To The Company" backstage and I outright sobbed till the stage dirt I wore turned to mud, I was stunned.
   I didn't want to let it go, to talk about it ending and relive the feelings of finality. Then, as weeks turned to months and months, Bristol felt more and more like a distant dream. My props and accessories were all packed away, attentions were turned to other projects, and Tamora retreated to the background to wait out the long unending off season. 
   Well, it seemed unending. In the cold snowy expanse of winter, Bristol's warm sunny magic and energy felt thousands of miles away. But as Summer bites at the heels of Spring, the rumblings of Bristol are getting louder. 
   Auditions came and went early this year, like some mystic portal opened to the normal world. Dear friends who stepped through it will now get to join us on this side of the looking glass and I am ecstatic to see them welcomed with open arms. Coupling that with receiving an official invitation to return to the Faire as Tamora Skumm, it was easy to instantly fall back in love with the whole magical process. 
   Now, with things like costume workshops and preparing for BAPA, I am dying to build on every aspect of my dear Tamora and her wobbly cart.  Daydreams of improved costume pieces, props and bits fill my mind. 
   One of my favorite pastimes is doll making. I love creating a character, pulling all the pieces together and fussing over every detail to make them an entirely one of a kind, 360 degree visual story.  

Tamora Skumm is like building a life size doll, and then getting to BE that doll. 

I can't help but beam as I think of all the ways to make her better than ever. 

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  1. This winter did seem never-ending! I have missed everyone so much and this little piece of life on Facebook did little to soothe those feelings. I cannot wait for Bristol, and till then, this weekend's Janesville Faire will have to tide me over.

    There's no way to cure that feeling that happens at closing. That part of our life is just ripped away from us and we're expected to flounder on with nothing to look forward to each week.